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Holiday promo offer

Stress and anxiety busting hypnosis


energetic cleansing and alignment


Package of both services



Sierra Sky wishes holiday blessings to all of our friends out there. We hope that you all find peace and joy within yourselves as you go out among the revelers this year. We hope that you all have light shine upon you and inside your hearts.  May YOU be the positive change that the world needs. If you, like us, find this time of year challenging- read on. We are offering a delightful deal to sweeten your spirit. Stress and anxiety busting hypnosis partnered with energetic cleansing and alignment- up to 55% off our regular prices. Call or text 775.235.8690 or email to schedule. See you soon! 


Now a word from Andy…


And the season of giving has started…Well, maybe not.


Grocery shopping, gift shopping, cocktail parties, food preparation, school programs…it is all so exhausting. Who should we send cards to? Who is going to do the cards we are going to send? Add to it the pressures of gift buying and giving; and expectations of the family. 

It is no wonder that after a bottle of wine the turkey was burned. It makes so much sense to need that fortifying drink before leaving the house just to go to the cocktail party.


I had an acquaintance from a Hollywood family who noted that the time from Thanksgiving to Christmas was so weird in her house because, for unexplained reasons, the crazies went away, and the illusion of peace and love was overwhelming. The other eleven months were absolute insanity and included molestation, assaults, and police visits; all driven by excessive drinking and drugging. But the holidays were a magical break from the trauma; a Christmas Miracle. The gift of “normal”.


Obligations outweigh cheer these days. It’s just the way our society is now. We can’t change the culture; but we can change how we feel about it. And no, I’m not talking about an extra shot of bourbon in your eggnog. I’m talking about getting your mind, body, and soul prepared for whatever holiday hijinx come your way.


So, if you are experiencing anxiety relating to dining at the family table of consequences, check out our holiday special: 

One session of Hypnosis directed at relief from anxiety, and stress for $90 (usually $125).


One session of energetic healing and clearing; designed to remove any unwanted, harmful, and/or foreign energies and effects of being around our beloved family or the reveling throngs. $50 for 45 minutes. (Normally $150)


Both services as a package for $125. (Usually $275)


This is also a great self-care gift to our retail warriors out there. We pray for you! How you put up with the stressed out masses every holiday is a mystery to us! Do yourself a favor and get two packages. One to build up your immunity to seasonal stress; and one to cleanse you of any lingering after-effects once the holidays are over.


Get yourself set right for the new year!




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