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Sierra Sky Healing Arts is a partner practice. The two of us are building a holistic healing arts practice that combines our unique gifts. We work to create compassionate healing experiences for our clients. Each client can expect a custom experience; tailored to their specific needs. Our experience is drawn from a combined four decades of practice in the fields of self healing and recovery. Services that we provide include:

  • Hypnosis

  • Addiction Recovery Support

  • Childhood Trauma Recovery Support

  • Traumatic Events and PTSD Recovery Support

  • Shamanic Work

  • Energy Work

  • Healing through creative expression

  • Training and classes

  • Transformational Coaching - Intimacy, Partner, Love, and Life

Andy R.

My lifelong experience of self-discovery and spiritual awakening has exposed the effects of growing up in an alcoholic and dysfunctional home on my adult life. The drama and trauma I experienced in my early childhood drove my actions for over forty years.


I found alcohol and drugs and by the age of 17 I was an alcoholic, numbing the pain - seeking relief from the soul wounds resulting from the family dysfunction.

In the early 1980's I started a new path which really became the road to a new way of living in 2001. It took a while to happen, but recovery from a seemingly hopeless state if mind and body did happen! This has been part of the fabric of my life for over twenty-one years. 

I was exposed, by accident in 2014, to the Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families (ACA) program, when I attended what I thought was an Al-Anon Adult Child meeting. Within the first five minutes I realized that my core issues had not been addressed. I did the work suggested.


Life is so different now. I have truly learned the nature of my childhood abandonment and now know and own my true story. I am an active mentor and coach, helping those seeking recovery. I have experienced random Divine appointments where I have facilitated positive life changes in fellow travelers. 

I know how debilitating the emotional experience can be. I know that hypnosis can help clear the path.


Remove, Release and Restore

Member of:

    ABH - American Board of Hypnotherapy

    NATH - National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists


Rachael C.

At a young age I received the calling to be a shamanic healer. This path truly is a thrilling journey for those who are called. This is what happened to me...

Somewhere between the age of 9 and 12 I started studying metaphysics and the supernatural. I became intrigued with holistic healing. I practiced rudimentary “laying of hands” techniques on my friends and family. Predictably this led me towards Wicca, herbalism, and general magical experimentation. I remember dreaming about the apothecaries I would build one day. Romantic visions of jar lined shelves, bubbling cauldrons, tables covered in candles. I studied plant medicine and made herbal concoctions. I talked to ghosts in cemeteries, played the Ouija board, and put love spells on boys.

Typical goth girl stuff.

Except, it wasn’t a fad. It was a calling. IS a calling.

I just didn't know I could be.

So instead I became a glassblower. I was a lumberjill in the middle of the High Desert. I was a professional executive chef.

I got married. I had kids.

I hit bottom with alcohol and drug abuse.

I got clean and sober.

I had a moment of clarity one night at the end of my 20-year career as a Chef. I decided that it was time to pursue my calling.

So I reinvented myself. I studied Eastern spiritual practices. I learned energy healing techniques. I studied, traveled, learned from Masters and Wise Ones. In 2017 I started working as a professional Shamanic Healer.

Our clients at Sierra Sky can expect inclusion and acceptance. They can also expect to have their own boundaries respected. This practice is focused on shamanic healing from within. Touch may be used with love respectfully and consensually. We will focus on uncovering the wounds we received in life; the ones we buried and the ones we show others. We will delve into our shadow side.

This is a safe place to work on healing our Self!

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