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~Where We Take You~

Harry Burton, Unbroken Seal on the Doors of the Third Shrine in Tutankhamun’s Burial Chamb

Unbroken Seal on the Doors of the Third Shrine in Tutankhamun’s Burial Chamber

(3,245 years untouched), 1922. By Harry Burton, Courtsey of Ancient Time News



What is locked inside your mind?

In 1928 Carl Jung stated the concept of the collective unconscious as, "a universal version of the personal unconscious, holding mental patterns, or memory traces, which are shared with other members of human species." Later on, he noted that "“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

We believe that many of our habits, patterns and ways of thinking and reacting were instilled in us during early childhood. Many of the people we see come to us dealing with the effects of those experiences. We have found that our work has broken the seal on those closed doors and release them of the ties that bind them to their reactions to real life situations.

That collective conscious that Jung referred to is also called the Akashic Records, which we view as a vast library containing all of the universal events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intents that have occurred, are occurring and will occur in the future. This is a Theosophist concept that was embraced by Edgar Cayce, who is believed to be one of the founders of the New Age Movement.

As transformational guides, we see each person under our triadic system, realizing that body, mind and spirit are one and we are tasked to help others open their doors.


Sanskrit for Akasha

Space, Sky or The Fifth Element

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