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Anxiety & Stress

"I believe that the mind is so powerful and underutilized. Andy has a genuine way of making you relax to tap into that potential of total peace and relaxation that everyone should want to embrace."


"Andy is very easy to talk to. He takes the time to explain everything and is very flexible with different ways of learning. I highly recommend his services. Hoping to be able to go back in the future."


Congratulations on making the decision of living a healthier and happier life!  Our role is to help facilitate and guide you on your road to success.

​Living with debilitating anxiety and stress is a heavy burden.  When we are barraged with outside stressors we live with a relentless enemy.  Clients with severe anxiety (for example, those who were unable to go more than an hour away from their home, or those unable to be in any social situations) have found that hypnosis completely alleviated their symptoms. This may occur in as little as one to three sessions! Individuals living with anxiety actually do very well using hypnosis to alleviate their symptoms. This is because they have already demonstrated their ability to imagine something to such a degree that they have created the experience of anxiety. We can expect that these clients will be able to experience hypnosis successfully and with great results.

Hypnosis can be used effectively to enhance self-esteem. Low self-esteem has been found to cause depression and anxiety. Many of the behavioral and emotional issues that people experience result from low self-esteem. When clients feels bad about themselves, they may make poor decisions, engage in destructive behaviors, and limit the possibilities available in their lives. Hypnosis helps to alleviate the fears, the blocks, and the barriers that cause an individual to think less of themselves and to help them create a more abundant and fulfilling life.

Using hypnosis to overcome anxiety and depression may take several sessions. Some will be relieved after the first session.  Plan on between 1-3 sessions to see results. You will see improvements after one session.  You will feel calmer and more resolute in your goals.  Change simply takes time- but we are here for you!

Hypnosis is about connecting to the deepest parts of ourselves, tapping into the subconscious mind where we can connect with all parts of our being. Hypnosis has been successful in treating many behavioral, emotional, physical and spiritual issues.​Your success will be decided by your level of participation and dedication. We will illuminate the path, but you must be the one to walk it.

What can I expect at the session?

You don't need any special preparations prior to the session. It is suggested that you wear comfortable clothing to help you relax. The process may put you to sleep if you are not well rested.  Please refrain from any caffeinated drinks three hours prior to the session. Caffeine will inhibit your ability to receive the full benefit from the induction.

If the session is via an internet platform like ZOOM, it is suggested that you have a quiet place where you will not be interrupted by family or pets. You will need to be able to have a place to recline comfortably. It is suggested that you do not lie down as that would promote sleep. Of course, cell phones should be turned off.


First session: $175 (Intake)

Package of three sessions: $350

(Buy 2 get 1 free!)

Individual sessions: $175

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