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Grieving & Seperation

Congratulations on making the decision of living a healthier and happier life!  Our role is to help facilitate and guide you on your road to success.

​Living with grief and loss is a heavy burden. Grief and loss can manifest due to death of loved ones; or the loss of a relationship.

Many people have difficulty in dealing with friends and family facing terminal illness and dying. They suffer with grief after the passing of a loved one. Through hypnosis clients can come to terms with the prospect of death and dying and also with their own spiritual beliefs in relation to death. Some people are able to connect with deceased loved ones during hypnosis and come to peace and acceptance in regards to their loss. During hypnosis many clients begin to have a greater spiritual understanding of life and death. Some clients release their fear of death and in so doing will be able to live life more fully.

Relationships can end for many reasons. Betrayal, heartbreak, change of behavior, distance; all of these conditions and more can contribute to the loss of a relationship. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to improve relationships. It helps clients understand any blocks and barriers they may have toward creating harmonious relationships in their lives. Hypnosis can assist in changing relationship patterns that have become destructive or unhealthy. Hypnotherapy is also useful in helping individuals set boundaries for healthy relationships, in addressing fear of commitment and for trust issues.

Positive change may occur in as little as one to three sessions! Individuals living with grief and loss do very well using hypnosis to alleviate their symptoms. Hypnosis helps to alleviate the fears, the blocks, and the barriers that cause an individual to remain mired in grief / separation and  helps them create a more abundant and fulfilling life.

Using hypnosis to overcome grief and loss may take several sessions. Some will be relieved after the first session.  Plan on between 1-3 sessions to see results. You will see improvements after one session.  You will feel calmer and more resolute in your goals.  Change simply takes time- but we are here for you!

Hypnosis is about connecting to the deepest parts of ourselves, tapping into the subconscious mind where we can connect with all parts of our being. Hypnosis has been successful in treating many behavioral, emotional, physical and spiritual issues.​Your success will be decided by your level of participation and dedication. We will illuminate the path, but you must be the one to walk it.

What can I expect at the session?

You don't need any special preparations prior to the session. It is suggested that you wear comfortable clothing to help you relax. The process may put you to sleep if you are not well rested.  Please refrain from any caffeinated drinks three hours prior to the session. Caffeine will inhibit your ability to receive the full benefit from the induction.

If the session is via an internet platform like ZOOM, it is suggested that you have a quiet place where you will not be interrupted by family or pets. You will need to be able to have a place to recline comfortably. It is suggested that you do not lie down as that would promote sleep. Of course, cell phones should be turned off.


First session: $175 (Intake)

Package of three sessions: $350

(Buy 2 get 1 free!)

Individual sessions: $175

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