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"I did an Akashic Record reading with Rachael and it was incredible. She was very patient with me and guided me through the process, what to expect, and the type of questions to ask. I genuinely enjoyed her and the whole process and would highly recommend her for your reading!"


"Andy is very easy to talk to. He takes the time to explain everything and is very flexible with different ways of learning. I highly recommend his services. Hoping to be able to go back in the future."


"Traveled from Florida to Reno for a vacation and started out working with Rachel and Andy. Both were extremely friendly and easy to work with. Rachel was insightful and Andy was incredible with the spiritual work he did."

~Jennifer and Ross

"I was a bit apprehensive and felt I couldn’t really let go but the experience was one I want to do again. Because I was so relaxed and I know with more experience I can achieve goals of letting go of past behaviors and live the life I was meant to!"


"I believe that the mind is so powerful and underutilized. Andy has a genuine way of making you relax to tap into that potential of total peace and relaxation that everyone should want to embrace."


"This was an amazing experience and my internal pain felt less as i left the office."


"These are two wonderful and gifted individuals. I would highly recommend Sierra Sky Healing Arts"


What an experience. Even after a week from my first session with Andy I am still processing my positive yet intense experience. Being in recovery I felt an additional feelings of safety, security and belonging with Andy. If you are wanting to open up your energy channels I highly recommend this experience.


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