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Commitment to Change

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Hi! I'd like to talk to you about my lunch

yesterday with two of my friends.

One of them is a newer found friend.

We were at my favorite restaurant.

My new found friend was opening up about her

past and her travels on a spiritual basis and

and started the conversation with

"You don't know the health journey that I have embarked on."

She moved from California on this health

journey intentionally.

And that journey was

related to her relationship with food.

She has lost over 125 pounds.

Her friends back home when they see

her are astounded and and can't believe

what has happened.

Some of them at first don't recognize her.

Her commitment to change and her sincere

desire to change has allowed her to experience

a spiritual physical and mental growth.

And it shows.

And she's still on that path.

And it really is truly amazing.

Our other friend in the conversation

laid out some elements that struck me

as a child of a dysfunctional family

particularly the alcoholic family.

And it turns out all three of us

were adult children of alcoholism.

My friend when she started talking about it,

how the conversation evolved and the habits

patterns and ways of thinking and reacting

that she had I related so much to and I shared

my experience strength of hope in recovery.

I told her that if she wanted

to address those issues

and to change her life as it relates to her

childhood and how those character traits

which we developed as children in

order to survive can be removed.

That she could be released from

the effects of those occurrences.

and restored. I would be happy to help her with that.

Do you have a desire to change your life

and think I can help? Give me a

call, we will talk about it. Text me.


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